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So, yesterday I went to the town of Epernay, which is in the champagne region, only an hour away. It's a town of about 50,000 people, and cute as can be.

I went on two cave tours, first for Mercier, then for Moet & Chandon, makers of Dom Perignon. I had a brut, a brut premier cru, and a rose at Moet & Chandon, but I much preferred the Mercier, where I tried three vintages, a 1997, a 1998, and a 2000. (Also, at Mercier, they give you a little souvenir tasting glass, and your tour is on a laser-guided car. Sweet.) (Brandon, we might have to go there when you're out.)

When you give me three glasses of champagne and push me into a gift store, I'll buy anything. (Sorry mom.) I got a bottle of the 1998 Mercier to bring home to crack open when I graduate next year. It was kind of expensive, but truly, truly delicious.

Plus, now I know a hell of a lot about champagne. Up next: red wine! Bring on Bordeaux.

Also, I've decided that I'm going to be a wine expert. That's a good career, yeah?

Love to you all. I'm headed to the Louvre.
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On le 08 juillet 2006 17:09 (UTC), (anonyme) commented:
Getting drunk and buying stuff
Don't let it happen again!

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On le 08 juillet 2006 18:41 (UTC), starryblonde commented:
If you are a wine expert, I will open up that cafe on Ocean Avenue that I've always wanted and you will work there.

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On le 09 juillet 2006 18:52 (UTC), brightestday commented:
Yes, I want to go!
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