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Oh my oh my oh Louvre.

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So, today I spent all day at the Louvre. I bought something called the Carte Louvre Jeunes which makes me a member for a year so YAY unlimited visits. (Plus, Brandon, two nights a week I can get you in for free for the last four hours of opening.)

I wasn't floored by the Venus de Milo. Maybe that makes me a cretin, I don't know. But La Victoire de Samothrace was incredible. Her rega wings blowing in the breeze... I loved it. But the most incredible was La Joconde/Mona Lisa... being in the room with her was like coming near magic. Something about her is so imperfectly perfect that just to be near her gives you goosebumps. She is what all art should be.

My other new favorite is "Le Bouffon au luth" by Frans Hals. Look it up. I want to be that guy.

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On le 09 juillet 2006 18:55 (UTC), brightestday commented:
Um, yes, we're going!
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