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An · American · in · Paris

I'm becoming David Sedaris.

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The man wrote in "Me Talk Pretty One Day" about how he goes to American movies in Paris all the time.
Today, I caught a late showing of Bullitt, which I'd never seen before. (Plus, for under-26-ers, it was less than $4 American...)

Dear Steve McQueen,
I don't know how you do it.
Your well-placed only-expletive-in-the-film was brilliant.
You made some pretty craptastic dialogue pretty awesome.
You manage to make a turtleneck sweater look remarkably ungay.
Your car chase was a-freaking-mazing. And I hate car chases 90% of the time. But dude, driving in San Francisco is tough anyway, so going that fast with the back of your car steaming must be wicked. And hi, flaming men at the end of it? Edge of my seat. (Even if you totally passed the same green bug four times on one street.)
So, I forgive you for the ridiculous good cop/bad cop scene that ate my soul.
Your rugged manliness and casual delivery more than make up for it.
<3, Me
PS: I'm sorry no French people laughed at the few jokes/moments of irony in that film. I thought they were funny, promise.
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