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An · American · in · Paris

Brandon arrived!

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Company! And he speaks English!

Anyway, we went to dinner after we got back from the airport. It was delish, and I think Brandon really likes kirs. For good reason. We had gnocchi, which was amazing. Then we strolled around and saw fire-twirlers in front of Notre-Dame. It was awesome!

Tomorrow, we're going to get croissants from the boulangerie, and then we're going grocery shopping, because apparently Brandon doesn't like to live off of pasta and jarred sauce like I do.... standards are for losers!

Then, who knows.

Love! <3

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On le 21 juillet 2006 15:55 (UTC), (anonyme) commented:
Jessie and Brandon and Paris, Oh My!
Partners in crime, reunited. Uh-oh.

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