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An · American · in · Paris

Hello again!

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So I realize I haven't posted in ages, but I've been busy, friends.

Day before yesterday, Brandon and I flew from Paris to London, then took the train up to Stratford-upon-Avon. It is the sweetest town EVER. Our hotel was lovely, and we stayed in the "As You Like It" room. We ate an incredible dinner there before seeing 1 Henry IV, which was long (Brandon has a short attention span!) but INCREDIBLE. The use of space was absolutely phenomenal, and I was blown away by a lot of the cast. The lighting and sound design was splendid, and they used both holes in the floor and ladders and ropes from the raftors to really utilize the entire theatre. Incredible.

Then, we had breakfast at the hotel and spent the morning running around Stratford again, hitting Shakespeare's birthplace and the church where he's buried. It was my little pilgrimage. I wound up buying a Who's Who in Shakespeare's Time (on sale for very little indeed), a bio of my boyfriend Kenneth Branagh, a pic of him from the RSC's Henry V when he was a baby (23!) for me and one for the Shakes fridge, and a Shakespeare CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT. Let me tell you, he is so, so, so cute. (Sorry ma, I want to spend all my money on Shakespeare. LOVE.)

Then we took the bus (excuse me, coach) down to London and arrived early yesterday afternoon. We took the underground to the hotel, which is in a great location, and settled in there before hitting a production of Hay Fever. If you don't remember (or didn't know me then), that's the show I had my first lead in in high school. And this production was incredible. The set and costumes were phenomenal. The acting was spot-on for everyone, but especially for the lead couple, played by the illustrious Peter Bowles and DAME JUDI DENCH.

Dame Freaking Judi Dench! I love this woman! LOVE! She was beyond perfect every second of the show. I was completely blown away. Love, love, love for Dame Judi.

This morning, we got up early, grabbed a bite and went to the Tower of London, which was cool. Proving I am a hybrid of my non-birth-mothers, Jenny and Anns, I was a girly girl and drooled over the crown jewels, then went all eight year old boy when I hit the armory. Dude. Pointy!

Then Brandon and I walked over to the Globe theatre to try to get tickets. Antony and Cleopatra was sold out, but we got cheap groundling tickets for Comedy of Errors which should be amusing. That's on Friday. We ate lunch at their cafe there (or I ate lunch, Brandon ate cheesecake), and it was exceptionally delicious for not much money.

We then went to the Tate Modern, which is free to celebrate the Queen's golden jubilee, so hoorah. We spent a long time roaming. The collection has everything from Duchamp's urinal to Andy Warhol's brillo pad box, not to mention Jackson Pollack, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Guerilla Girls posters. It was awesome. Truly cool was a big four-screen display where a man took clips from films and melded them together to create a sort of symphony of sight and sound.

I bought lots of souvenirs today (for OTHER people, not me!), so that is good. Today alone I got things for Hales and Becky and Jenny and Anns. I have to keep restraining myself from buying everything in the world for Lizzy, though!

Alright, catch y'all on the flip side. <3<3<3!!
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On le 27 juillet 2006 04:06 (UTC), pitzel13 commented:
I love my Rachie Poo! I MISS YOU!
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On le 27 juillet 2006 14:24 (UTC), palax commented:
And love from one of your non-birth mothers. Armories are darn exciting. Crown jewels are mostly fun to steal. (Did I say that?)
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