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An · American · in · Paris


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I've really fallen behind on posting! Yikes.

Then, yesterday we went to Epernay, the Champagne capital for those of you playing at home. We had a lovely time, once again touring Mercier and Moet et Chandon. However, this time the Moet et Chandon tour guide was much more amusing and informative than Mercier. (It was the same cute Mercier bloke, but he seemed just so bored! I mentioned it to the Moet girl, and it turns out she's his roommate, so she said she'd pass on that I loved him last time and missed his enthusiasm. :)

Today was a very, very full day for me and Brandon. We got up early, and went literally all over the city. We hit Saint Sulpice (where Silas the Monk kills the nun in The Da Vinci Code) and saw the rose line. Then, we went to the opposite side of the city to see Sacre Coeur and Montmartre. Wow, there are SO MANY STAIRS, but the view is beyond incredible! Then we ate lunch at Quick on the Champs-Elysees before going to the Centre Georges Pompidou. I love that place so much! Also incredible views.

There I bought a few books, but here's what's true: one is on New Wave Cinema, a topic discussed in two of my classes next semester (on sale from 20 E to 5 E, about $6), a filmography and analysis of Truffaut films, one of my classes in total next semester and part of a second (only 14 E), and a book analysing key scenes in a number of films from Rebel Without a Cause to Saving Private Ryan, each discussed with an actor in the scene or the director (on sale from 50 E to 14 E). I feel that each will help me in classes/my career, so it's an investment in my future, ma. :)

Then, we hit St-Merri, an extraordinarily beautiful church by the Pompidou.

Then we had time to kill before dinner. Now, all day long it had threatened to rain, but each time it started, we were already at the Metro station to go to our next stop, where it would be sunny and dry until (you guessed it) we were leaving. Yeah. Not until we were meandering before dinner did it decide to POUR on us, and we had nowhere to go, poor souls.

One restaurant we wanted to try was closed, another one we couldn't find. But we stepped under an overhang to look at my Paris guide, and a girl who was smoking under it told us that the restaurant we were right by was delicious.

And it was. It was a real American diner, folks. Owned by an American filmmaker in Paris. Co-founded by the writer of Con-Air, director of Runaway Jury, a director from Friends, and others. How cool is that? It was tasty and inexpensive.

Then Brandon and I took the Metro back, not wanting to get soaked again.

Up for tomorrow: a croissant in the Jardin de Luxembourg, seeing Notre-Dame, a visit to the cemetary at Montmartre to bring flowers to Truffaut's grave (he is the man who made me want to go into cinema, after all!), walking past the Moulin Rouge, and then a trip to Rouen to see Joan of Arc stuff and the Museum of Gustave Flaubert and the History of Medicine. Yes. That is one building. I don't know why.
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On le 04 août 2006 03:38 (UTC), (anonyme) commented:
Glad you are still alive. Where is my postcard???

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