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An · American · in · Paris

Oh, god.

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I've gone twitchy. It's official.

Leaving tomorrow means I have so much to do and I'm getting foiled at every turn.

I look up on the Poste's website about shipping, find out they have a wine-bottle-box. Great.
I go to the Poste, and it's not legal to ship alcohol to the States. Thanks, America.

So now I have two options: drink it all tonight/tomorrow morning, or wrap it up in bags and wrap it up in clothes and pray it doesn't break in checked bags. Thanks, America.

Then I went to get my laundry out of the laundromat, and I only started one of the washers because I was thinking about the booze conundrum. Thanks, me.

But then I ate an eclair so I felt a little better.

But I've gone all emotional again, and while I'm stressed out and stuff, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.
Maybe I'm just upset I'm leaving.

But I think I'm going to say "screw this" and go to the Louvre this evening. I don't need sleep, right?
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On le 16 août 2006 14:28 (UTC), starryblonde commented:
You had better have gotten me souvenirs and mailed postcards. I do guilt trips like no other Mommy.

Say screw it and go to the Louvre. Don't worry about alcohol. I will buy you a huge box of wine when you're here.
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On le 16 août 2006 19:40 (UTC), jayray_a_paris replied:
Souvenir bought! (You were the last one, Miss-hard-to-shop-for, whereas Jenny's was like the second one I got.)

And postcards are getting mailed when I get home because it will cost 800 million dollars to do here and take 800 times longer. So there.
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On le 16 août 2006 19:52 (UTC), starryblonde replied:
Yay! Have a good flight home, babes.
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